Sunday, March 13, 2011

LUCKY- ST. Patricks Day

I finally got my camera fixed so I can post some of the pictures of the progects I have been working on. St. Patricks Day was never really one of my favorite holidays I never really had anything to decorate with but as I was getting ideas from some different blogs I decided I could just tweak some things on some ideas and make something fun that will make this holiday as fun as the others!! This idea came from one of my favorite blogs the girls at I decided "LUCKY" would be the march theme!

 I got the frames from walmart but they were brown and I wanted black. But that was a simple fix I just spray painted them and it turned out exactly the way I wanted.
This is before I spray painted

Then I painted my letters green (I got the letters from hobby lobby, I think they were $2 but you can get them for 50% off when they go on sale) and then with one layer of  mod podge I sprinklede on some green glittter. Y ou will come to find out I LOVE glitter I think it adds alot to whatever you are doing.
Ha Ha I love that acrylic paint cleans off so easy!!

So with the letters I glued them to a piece of paper (cut out to fit in my frame) and then put them in the frames! I  LOVE how they turned out and they look so cute in my house! Thanks to the girls at!!  

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