Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I finally decided to create my personal blog and hopefully I can keep up with it!! That is my goal this year hopefully it works out! ;)
I am still just working at Fantastic Sam's as a hairstylist and I LOVE it!!
I am also a nanny a couple days a week in Sun Crest (draper) for a 6 month old little baby she is super cute! and I love spending the day with her! She is getting so big though I cant believe how fast they grow up!!
On top of all this I am taking a couple classes at SLCC (lets see if I ever get my degree) its been a little weird having homework and tests again but keeps me busy and I have really loved it (surprisingly, ha ha)
When I am not busy with all of this I love spending time with my family especially my sisters and nephews! They are growing up so fast and it is fun to watch!! Over the last couple of years my sisters have become my best friends and I love being with them no matter what we are doing!! 
Oh and Roxi cant forget about her! She is my new little addition she is a 5 month old Yorkie puppy! So much fun and full of energy!! And driving my mom crazy!! I got her in November as part of my birthday present.
I guess I have been very blessed to have all this in my hectic life!! And I wouldn't change anything!!

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