Thursday, March 24, 2011

Its almost Garden time!

I am loving this spring time weather and I cant wait until it is permanent!! I am thinking that this year I really want to start a vegetable garden! I really want to grow some squash and zucchini maybe some carrots and peppers. I am not a big fan of tomatoes but since I love salsa and my family loves tomatoes I think I will put in a bush or 2 (but if they don't turn out I wont be too sad). So wish me luck I will post some pictures of before and then hopefully some along the way! The area I have planned for this is in desperate need of help and I will be cutting down 2 trees so a lot of work but hopefully not too overwhelming!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

St. Patricks HOME

I love the kind of decorations that I get to change out once a month it helps in the fact that I dont get sick of the same decorations and gives a lot of variety to my life. My sisters and I have had a lot of fun with this "home" sign for st. patricks day the "O" is a leprechaun hat.

LUCKY- ST. Patricks Day

I finally got my camera fixed so I can post some of the pictures of the progects I have been working on. St. Patricks Day was never really one of my favorite holidays I never really had anything to decorate with but as I was getting ideas from some different blogs I decided I could just tweak some things on some ideas and make something fun that will make this holiday as fun as the others!! This idea came from one of my favorite blogs the girls at I decided "LUCKY" would be the march theme!

 I got the frames from walmart but they were brown and I wanted black. But that was a simple fix I just spray painted them and it turned out exactly the way I wanted.
This is before I spray painted

Then I painted my letters green (I got the letters from hobby lobby, I think they were $2 but you can get them for 50% off when they go on sale) and then with one layer of  mod podge I sprinklede on some green glittter. Y ou will come to find out I LOVE glitter I think it adds alot to whatever you are doing.
Ha Ha I love that acrylic paint cleans off so easy!!

So with the letters I glued them to a piece of paper (cut out to fit in my frame) and then put them in the frames! I  LOVE how they turned out and they look so cute in my house! Thanks to the girls at!!  

Friday, March 4, 2011

Friends Homecoming Package

So one of my good friends growing up went on a mission 2 years ago (Stolkholm, Sweden) and before he left he thought it would be a fun idea to assign 12 different girls a different month and in that month they were supposed to send him a package...well I got November (I picked that month because it was the month of both of our birthdays and very easy to remember, WRONG!!) sure enough November came around and I thought about some stuff I could send him, but of course never got around to it...couple months pass by and before you know it November is here again not only had I not sent him the first package, I of course forgot to send him a second package!! (I know I know horrible friend, right?) so of course I just push it aside and figure I will just send it another month no big deal.. well it is a big deal because I was talking to his parents and he comes home this week and I still had not sent him ANY package ;( of course I felt guilty and like such a bad friend!! Until I got this brilliant idea!! I still had a couple days till he was officially home I could get some packages together, take them to his house and have them waiting for him, so I got 2 packages ready to take to his house and since he was not home yet I technically didn't completely fail and the guilt was gone!! But I will have to admit these packages were by far the most fun to prepare!

I filled one with things he missed out on and need to catch up with like a movie, (the blind side) and a new C.D. (the newest NOW 37 I think it was) some new candy that came out (pretzel M&M's, Fizzie Skittles, and some new chocolates) I also put a new tie in because I am sure he is sick of the ones he has been wearing the last 2 years! If I would have had a little bit more time I probably would have put in some pictures of everything that has changed in the last 2 years like some of the new shopping centers, some new restaurants, and some of the new popular hangout spots, but I was rushed and didn't get that part taken care of.

Then the second package was filled with things he might have missed like all the fun candy bars and treats he didn't get to enjoy while over there..I kind of got a little carried away with this part but it was a ton of fun!!! (Twix, Snickers, Reeses, Kit Kat, Butterfinger, York Peppermint Patties, Gold Fish, M&M cookies, Laffy Taffy, and some Gum) Again if I would have thought about this sooner I would have put in some pictures of our group of friends, and of course some of his family and then maybe a couple pictures of the fun hangout spots, but I was really rushed and didn't get the chance ;(

I hope he liked them as much as I loved doing them!! It was a blast!! I think it will become a tradition for all of my friends/family coming home!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I finally decided to create my personal blog and hopefully I can keep up with it!! That is my goal this year hopefully it works out! ;)
I am still just working at Fantastic Sam's as a hairstylist and I LOVE it!!
I am also a nanny a couple days a week in Sun Crest (draper) for a 6 month old little baby she is super cute! and I love spending the day with her! She is getting so big though I cant believe how fast they grow up!!
On top of all this I am taking a couple classes at SLCC (lets see if I ever get my degree) its been a little weird having homework and tests again but keeps me busy and I have really loved it (surprisingly, ha ha)
When I am not busy with all of this I love spending time with my family especially my sisters and nephews! They are growing up so fast and it is fun to watch!! Over the last couple of years my sisters have become my best friends and I love being with them no matter what we are doing!! 
Oh and Roxi cant forget about her! She is my new little addition she is a 5 month old Yorkie puppy! So much fun and full of energy!! And driving my mom crazy!! I got her in November as part of my birthday present.
I guess I have been very blessed to have all this in my hectic life!! And I wouldn't change anything!!